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The 2018 Shenzhen Weikou Mini Marathon

The annual marathon is a major event in Shenzhen. It is also a time for Shenzhen people to be proud and look forward to.As a member of Shenzhen, we are also very much looking forward to the arrival of the marathon.The 2018 Shenzhen Weikou Mini Marathon will start running on March 25th.Our company employees actively participated in the marathon competition on the initiative of General Manager Wang.Every employee is passionate, motivated and confident.Life is a marathon. It doesn't matter how fast you run. It's how long you run.

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Contact: Mr Karl Wang

Phone: +8613641400680

Tel: +86-755-61169611

Add: No.57, No.3 Industrial Zone, Ma Shan Tau, Guangming New District,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China.

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